A Glimpse at Glitz Me: New Store Grand Opening

This past week we celebrated the Grand Opening of our new store!   Here are some pics from the event:

The Wendy’s Beads sign as you pull up to the store:

Next are some happy customers I met as I arrived.   I love that this mom and her girls were out together having a girls night and making useful things for themselves at the same time, and for much lower cost than if they had just gone to the mall and bought something!

One of the most unique parts of the store is that there are tables out all the time so that customers have the option to stay and make things in the store.  They have Wendy’s expertise and advise available for one-on-one instruction.  Where else can you get something like that?!

Look at all of the choices!

To celebrate the grand opening and show appreciation for all of the loyal customers who have brought Glitz Me by Wendy’s beads this far, Wendy had a prize spinning wheel and some fun festive refreshments.

And, of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without a picture of my dear friend, Wendy herself!

Congratulations Wendy, the store looks great!  To see more pictures of the new store, see this post.

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